By Opportunity Zone Magazine

Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures, Inc. plans to sponsor and help launch a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund in the second quarter of 2019. The Opportunity Zone Fund sponsored by BHCV seeks to invest in commercial properties in Opportunity Zones that have a specific set of criteria, such as properties with a particular energy footprint.

The Opportunity fund will be a separate entity from BHCV but the company plans to work closely with the Opportunity Zone Fund.

BHCV said that sponsoring the launch of a fund to invest in Opportunity Zone areas and the placement of its proprietary data center solutions in those properties can yield a synergistic relationship for investors in both BHCV and the Opportunity Zone Fund. The company views the partnership between BHCV and SG Blocks, Inc. to design and fabricate decentralized innovative mobile data centers as the ideal product to present to the Opportunity Zone Fund properties.

"Sponsoring the launch of a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund will be one more valuable milestone for our investors,” said Delray Wannemacher, CEO of Blockchain Holdings Capital Ventures, Inc., in a statement.

Wannemacher said that BHCV's investors will benefit from the company’s participation in the fund and that the fund will likewise benefit from working with BHCV. He said he hopes “to implement strategies that create value for our company and secures maximum returns for our investors.”

The company focuses on acquiring a diversified set of cash flowing assets including commercial real estate, energy and technology companies. BHCV said the company’s core is built on targeted commercial real estate with an energy footprint in Opportunity Zones, “to improve, lease and roll out our proprietary mobile data centers to increase property value.”

A publicly traded holding company, BHCV is focused on locating, vetting, and acquiring low risk cash flowing assets in the blockchain space.